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  • BUFF ON SET | Lauren Athalia and Omot Abella

    Lauren Athalia and Omot Abella - 18 / Jul / 2018

    BUFF ON SET | Lauren Athalia and Omot Abella

    Paul C. Buff, Inc. goes on set with Nashville based photographer, Lauren Athalia. See Lauren's process during a fashion shoot with model Omot Abella.

    DigiBees™ Flash Unit - 

    Einstein Flash Unit - 

    22" Silver High Output Beauty Dish - 

    86" Parabolic Umbrellas - 

    86" PLM White Front Diffusion Fabrics - 

    CyberSync™ Transceiver - 

    CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter 2 - 

    Tether Tools -

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