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  • BUFF ON SET  | Lauren Athalia and Tether Tools

    By Lauren Athalia and Tether Tools - 16 / Nov / 2018

    BUFF ON SET | Lauren Athalia and Tether Tools

    Paul C. Buff, Inc. goes on set with Nashville based photographer, Lauren Athalia and Tether Tools.

    Athalia shares the story and concept behind the shoot, her creative process, and what she needs to make her ideas come to light!

    Read Lauren's full interview with Tether Tools in the 'How I Got the Shot: Women’s Edition' Guide featuring 30 creative and passionate female photographers! Download now for FREE at www.TetherTools.com/Guide

    Einstein™ Flash Unit -


    86" White Front Diffusion Fabric -

    CyberSync™ Transceiver - 

    CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter 2 -

    Tether Tools -

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