Paul C. Buff CyberSense

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Mit CyberSense können Sie bis zu 4 externe Blitzgeräte fernbedienen. Stellt die Blitzleistung und die Einstelllampe ein. Sehr benutzerfreundlich.

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  • Artikelnummer: CSENSE

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  • Up to 300' of wireless working range (when on a flat and level terrain with no obstructions) via radio frequency (2.4 GHz band)
  • Can control up to 4 Paul C. Buff, Inc. flash units
  • 16 frequencies to choose from
  • Adjusts both flash power and modeling lights in 1/10 f-stop increments
  • Compatible with the CyberSync Plus Model Receivers (CSR+ or CSRB+) when used with AlienBees™ or White Lighting flash units
  • Compatible with the CyberSync Transceiver (CSXCV) when used with DigiBee or Einstein flash units
  • CyberSync Trigger Transmitter 2 (CST2), or discontinued CST, are NOT REQUIRED but is HIGHLY SUGGESTED

*Note: The Sync Port on the CyberSense can be used to connect the CyberSense to your camera's PC-sync terminal if you do not have a CST2.



  • 1x Paul C. Buff CyberSense
  • 1x (2) AAA batteries
  • 1x CyberSense Product Manual



The CyberSense can be used to control the output of both the flash and modeling lamp on up to four Paul C. Buff, Inc. flash units. Compatible with all previous / current CyberSync™ remotes. Listed as one of Professional Photographer Magazine's 'Hot Ones' for 2018.




  • Artikelnummer CSENSE
  • Dimensions 2.75 in. (width) x 5.5 in. (height) x 0.65 in.(depth)
  • LCD Screen Dimensions 2.25 in. (width) x 0.56 in. (height)
  • System Frequency Range 16 frequencies spaced 2MHz apart (from 2.427GHz to 2.457GHz)
  • System Encoding Secure 256-bit binary encoded packet, with validity verification
  • System LatencySystem Latency 1/4000 typical delay from closing of camera contact to receiver sync output signal
  • Battery Life 6.5 to 8.5 hours under normal use with premium alkaline batteries (uses two AAA alkaline or lithium batteries)
  • Sync Voltage Less than 4 Vdc