Faltbarer Softbox Stand Mount Adapter

Paul C. Buff Faltbarer Softbox Stand Mount Adapter

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Mit diesem Adapter können Sie Ihre faltbare Paul C. Buff Softbox direkt an einem Hochleistungs- Lichtstativ befestigen und dann Ihr Paul C. Buff Blitzgerät an die Softbox anschliessen.

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  • Offers increased support for larger, heavier softboxes
  • Excellent option for mounting flash units and softboxes overhead or at extreme angles
  • Optional light stand mount for current Paul C. Buff softboxes, octaboxes and stripboxes
  • For use with 13ACLS and 13CBS light standsBuilt-in stand mount fits up to 5/8" posts

**Please note: This item is NOT compatabile with FSB3060 Softboxes purchased after August 8, 2018, FSB3240 Softboxes purchased after September 10, 2018, FOB47 Octaboxes purchased after October 18, 2018, the FSB1036 Stripbox purchased after January 9, 2019, the FSB1460 Stripbox purchased after January 23, 2019, the FOB60 Octabox purchased after March 7,2019,  FSB2436 purchased after July 3, 2019, and the FOB35 purchased after August 21, 2019.**



  • 1x Paul C Buff Foldable Softbox Stand Mount Adapter



This adapter allows you to mount your Paul C. Buff™ foldable softbox directly to a heavy duty light stand, then attach your Paul C. Buff™ flash unit to the softbox itself. This setup provides increased security and stability when using larger softboxes, or when positioning your softboxes to hang overhead or tilt at extreme angles. This mounting method additionally removes the burden of supporting the softbox weight from the faceplate of your flash unit.