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    Flits & Flash - 06 / Jan / 2021


    Renowned photographers Daniela Ursache joins the company of flits & Flash, Paul C Buff Ambassadors for Europe.

    Flits & Flash Paul C. Buff Europe welcomes award-winning Newborn Photographer of the Year 2018 Daniela Ursache as new Paul C. Buff ambassador for Europe. Daniela has been guided in the past seven years more than 200 photographers from Romania, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, India, France and the USA.

    We hope to inspire several photographers through this collaboration between Flits & Flash and Daniela Ursache.

    Learn more about each of the Ambassadors by visiting our ambaasadors page.

    We hope that we will soon be able to welcome more Ambassadors. Keep following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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