Paul C. Buff Light Stand Carrying Bag

The Light Stand Carrying Bag is a heavy-duty nylon carrying ..

Paul C. Buff Counter Weight Bag Buff

Counter balances boom arms. Can be used as a conventional sa..
Available soon

Paul C. Buff Tripod Wheels 22 mm

Tripod Wheels is complete with 3 swivel wheels and is compat..
Unit price: €39,95 / Piece

Paul C. Buff Clamp with BUFF Logo

This clamp arrives with the Vagabond Mini Bracket and Clamp ..
Unit price: €29,95 / Piece

Paul C. Buff Cam Bracket

The mounting bracket has two matching, inter-locking sides. ..
Unit price: €26,95 / Piece

Paul C. Buff Mini Boom Arm / Offset Arm

The Baby Boomer mini boom arm attaches to the top of your he..
Unit price: €24,95 / Piece

Paul C. Buff Reflector Kit Mounting Arm

The Mounting Arm Bracket takes the place of an assistant, by..
Unit price: €39,95 / Piece

Paul C Buff 9kg Sandbag Counterweight

To be weighted with a lamp stand to increase stability

- Metal Threaded Screw Adaptor Spigot

This spigot adapter has a ¼" screw at one end and 3/8" at t..