AlienBees Replacement Parts

Paul C. Buff AlienBees 150W Modeling Lamp

AlienBees™ modeling lights are user-replaceable and arrive..

Paul C. Buff Standard Flash Tube

Flashtube for the following units: DigiBee (DB400 / DB800), ..

Paul C. Buff CyberSync Battery Powered Receiver

The CyberSync Battery Powered Receiver is compatible with th..

Paul C. Buff CyberSync AC Powered Receiver

The CyberSync AC Powered Receiver provides a simple and reli..

Paul C. Buff Down-Angled Power Cord 15

The 15' Down-Angled Power Cord connects all Paul C. Buff™ ..

230 volts to 110 volts inverter up to 300W

These inverters are used to connect 220 Volt or 230 Volt dev..

Paul C. Buff AlienBees Single Light Carrying Bag

The AlienBees Single Light Carrying Bag is a lightweight, ha..