AlienBees Replacement Parts

Paul C. Buff AlienBees 150W Modeling Lamp

AlienBees™ modeling lights are user-replaceable and arrive..

Paul C. Buff Standard Flash Tube

Flashtube for the following units: DigiBee (DB400 / DB800), ..

Paul C. Buff CyberSync Battery Powered Receiver

The CyberSync Battery Powered Receiver is compatible with th..

Paul C. Buff CyberSync AC Powered Receiver

The CyberSync AC Powered Receiver provides a simple and reli..

Paul C. Buff Down-Angled Power Cord 15

The 15' Down-Angled Power Cord connects all Paul C. Buff™ ..

110 volts to 230 volts inverter up to 300W

These inverters are used to connect 220 Volt or 230 Volt dev..