18" OMNI Reflector

Paul C. Buff 18" OMNI Reflector

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The 18” OMNI Reflector is a multi-purpose modifier that can be used for everything from sports to portraits.

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  • Article code: OMNI18R

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Product description

  • 18” diameter “sweet spot” size for snappy contrast
  • Optimal for sports shooting up to 80’ with 30° even coverage
  • Perfect for overpowering the sun from a distance
  • Triple layer diffuser sock creates the same effect as an octabox
  • Ultra-even face illumination for close-up low key lighting or wide coverage of groups or large products



  • 1x Paul C. Buff 18" OMNI Reflector
  • 1x Triple-layer diffusion sock




  • Article code OMNI18R
  • Reflector OMNI18R
  • Dimensions 18 in. (diameter) x 8 in. (depth) / 1.25 lbs.
  • Beam Spread 30° without triple layer diffusion sock / 120° with triple layer diffusion sock
  • Coverage Calculation 0.54 x distance of flash from subject = diameter of coverage on subject