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    Paul C. Buff - 01 / Jan / 2021


    LINK 800WS is our NEWEST FLASH UNIT! Featuring HSS and TTL capabilities, a detachable battery, an 800W Equivalent Daylight-Balanced Modeling Light, and a built-in wireless transceiver, the LINK is perfect for the professional photographer who wants to create inside AND outside the studio. We know you’ve waited, and we can’t THANK YOU enough for your patience!

    Paul C. Buff, Inc. announces the LINK 800WS Flash Unit. “LINK”-ing past products with current photography needs, the LINK is backed by the reliability and ease of use from our previous flash units, and combines
    HSS, TTL capabilities, a detachable battery, and an ultra-bright daylight balanced LED modeling light into one solid flash unit.

    The LINK is a combination of some other units favorite features. The ultra-bright daylight balanced LED modeling light is similar to that of the DigiBee with even more power coming in at 800WS. This is great not only for continuous lighting but also video work. The all metal housing, like that of the White Lightning X-series, and a detachable battery make the LINK
    perfect for photographing on location. Adding all of these features, and more, make this the most powerful and versatile flash unit in the Paul C. Buff, Inc. product line.

    “We know it has been a bit of a wait, and we appreciate those who’ve been patient with us as we’ve developed the newest addition to the PCB flash unit family,” said Anthony Romano, Marketing and Communications Manager at Paul C. Buff, Inc. “We are a smaller company which does help to keep our prices low, but in-turn it takes a bit longer to develop new gear. During our development time, we had a chance to observe what’s out there and hear what photographers not only want, but what they need. We only want to provide equipment that is beneficial to our customers and unique to our product line.”

    “Our new HUB remote, part of our CyberSync family of remotes, will allow the LINK to perform HSS and TTL,” states Romano. “The initial release will be for Canon and Nikon with Sony soon to follow.” Adding to the ease of use there will also be a BUFF App to control your lights directly from your cell phone. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the app will connect directly to your flash units using the HUB and will allow for adjusting both flash and modeling light power, with more features becoming available in the near future.

    The LINK , HUB, and the BUFF App are all scheduled for a Spring 2021 release.

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