Color Gel Domes

Paul C Buff Color Gel Domes

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Diese kreativen Farbkuppeln aus Gummi sind mit Magnetstiften versehen und haften direkt auf der Frontplatte der LINK 800ws Flash Unit, sodass Sie jeden Modifikator einfach gelieren können.

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  • Mounts directly to the front of the LINK 800WS flash unit using magnets
  • Can be used with any Paul C. Buff, Inc. Reflector, PLM umbrella, Softbox, Stripbox, Octabox, Beauty Dish
  • Physically changes the color output of the lightUsed to add color to a scene for specialeffects
  • Can be used to create a colored backdrop*For use with the LINK 800WS flash unit only


  • 1x Yellow Gel
  • 1x Orange Gel
  • 1x Magenta Gel
  • 1x Blue Gel
  • 1x Teal Gel
  • 1x  Green Gel
  • 1x  Purple Gel
  • 1x Red Gel
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty


The color gel domes will add drama and dimension to your scene. Made from rubber and fitted with magnetic pins, these creative color gel domes adhere directly onto the faceplate of the LINK 800ws Flash Unit making it easy to gel any modifier.