Paul C. Buff 30” Moon Unit

Die 30" Moon Unit ist ein einzigartiges Octabox-ähnliches Zubehör, das speziell für den AlienBees Ringflasher entwickelt wurde.

Paul C. Buff AlienBees Ringflash Front Cover / Diffuser / Gel Holder

This frosted cover functions as a safety piece to protect the flashtube and modeling lamps of the AlienBees™ Ringflash while in transit.

Paul C. Buff Warming and Diffusion Filters Set

Create warm tones or diffuse the light from your AlienBees Ringflash with this set of six filters.

Paul C. Buff 20° Grid AlienBees Ringflash Reflector

The 20° Grid narrows the beam spread of the AlienBees Ringflash.

Paul C. Buff AlienBees™ Ringflash Umbrella Adapter

Placed inside the center of the AlienBees™ Ringflash chamber and locked into position, the umbrella adapter uses the same twist-and-lock method that is used to attach the diffuser.

Paul C. Buff Aim-Through Reflector for Moon Units

Aim-through reflector / diffuser holder for 30” and retired 56” Moon Unit.

Paul C. Buff Moon Unit Speedring

Speedring for 30” and retired 56” Moon Unit.