230 volts to 110 volts inverter up to 300W

230 volts to 110 volts inverter up to 300W

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These inverters are used to connect 220 Volt or 230 Volt devices (eg purchased in Europe) to the American grid or any other 110 Volt, 115 Volt and 120 Volt country.

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  • ST-300W inverter 110 volt - 230 volt up to 300W
  • Black housing.
  • Inverter from 110 volts to 230 volts with a power of 500 watts for the connection of Dutch 230V
  • devices to 110V.
  • The power cord is equipped with a Dutch plug.
  • The 230 volt plug fits into the sockets of this ST-300W inverter.
  • Size: 15x12x10.5cm
  • Weight 3Kg
  • Suitable for the AlieenBees, AlieenBees Ringflitser, Digibee and White Lightning