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    This clamp arrives with the Vagabond Mini Bracket and Clamp set. It may also be used with flash units, cameras, tripods, light stands, boom arms, and more.

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    • The VAT Rules Are Changing From 1 July 2021


    • Versatile heavy duty clampReplacement part for Vagabond Mini™
    • Bracket and Clamp set
    • For use with various light stands, boom arms, lights, cameras, and more
    • Can be securely clamped around light stands, boom arms, and poles from 0.5" to 2" in diameter
    • Arrives with a wedge insert for clamping on flat surfaces or holding flat panels
    • Open socket which can accept up to a ⅝” mounting stud (NOT included)
    • ¼-20 threaded socket



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