LiteMod Unit Mainframe

Paul C. Buff LiteMod Unit Mainframe

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Zum Anbringen von LiteMod-Zubehör (Snoot, Bandoors, Gels)

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  • 7 "Reflektor mit Rahmen
  • Zum Anbringen von LiteMod-Zubehör (Snoot, Bandoors, Farbgels)
  • Kann an standardmäßige Paul C. Buff-Blitzgeräte angeschlossen werden



  • 1x LiteMod Unit Mainframe



The LiteMod™ Mainframe is the heart of the LiteMod™ system. This mechanism is the interface for the various LiteMod™ accessories, including: the snoot, barndoors, gel holders, and  7” honeycomb grids. The LiteMod™ system consists of a group of lighting accessories designed to provide a wide range of dramatic lighting effects such as modifying, angling, directing, and filtering your light. Individual parts can be used with one another to give you total control over your light quality and direction. *Barndoors, and gel holders are sold separately.