Neugeborenenfotografie Studioblitz Set 86"

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  • The broad power range of the Einstein E640 flash unit is perfect for photographing newborns.
  • The flash output can be lowered all the way to 2.5ws which will allow for photographing at wide open apertures which is a popular look in newborn photography. 
  • Providing consistent color output for your color critical work with accuracy and repeatability within 0.10 f-stop, shot after shot.
  • The CyberSync wireless trigger transmitter combined with the CyberSync wireless transceiver allows for wireless triggering up to 350 ft., so no need for cords to connect your camera to your flash!


  • 1x Einstein™ Flash Unit
  • 1x Studiostativ
  • 1x 86" White PLM™ Umbrella
  • 1x 86" Black Outer Cover
  • 1x 86" White Front Diffusion Fabric
  • 1x CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter 3
  • 1x CyberSync™ Transceiver
  • 1x Weight Bag
  • 1x Studiotasche


The reversible light stand is compact, fits flush to the ground, and is able to support both the Einstein™ and the PLM™. The counter weight bag (filling not included) adds extra stability. The 86 in. PLM™ umbrella is ideal for achieving a super soft and diffused light source with minimal shadows. The black outer cover eliminates unwanted back spill light and maximizes the output when used. The combination of the black outer cover with the white front diffusion fabric, provides a large and bounced light source effect similar to that of an octabox.

The included carrying bags accommodate all items for storage or taking your kit on the go!

**Want to substitute a different flash unit? Add the package to your cart, when on the "View Cart/Checkout" screen you can then remove the flash unit that is suggested in the kit. Once removed, go to the "Flash Units" page and add your desired flash! (For example, you can add an AlienBees flash unit to your Newborn Kit, as opposed to the Einstein flash unit that is suggested.)**

Artikelnummer:: Newborn Kit 86"

SKU: Newborn Kit

Gewicht: 11000

Volume: 10000

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Neugeborenenfotografie Studioblitz Set 86"
Neugeborenenfotografie Studioblitz Set 86"

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