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Paul C. Buff LINK Batterij

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Oplaadbare lithiumbatterij voor de LINK-flitser.
*ALLEEN voor gebruik met de LINK-flitser en LINK-acculader.

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  • Rechargeable lithium battery for the LINK flash unit.
    *ONLY for use with the LINK flash unit and LINK battery charger.


  • 1-Year Factory Warranty

**Please note that if the battery sits fully discharged for a significant amount of time and the voltage goes too low, it will not be able to charge.




 LINK Battery Best Practices
Battery DischargeRemove the battery from the LINK when not in use to reduce battery discharge.
When installed and not in use, the battery will lose 1-2% capacity per day.
Fully DepletedDo not leave the battery in a discharged state for long periods of time.
Damage can occur over time to fully depleted lithium batteries, and the charger will not charge the battery if it does not detect voltage.
Long Term StorageKeep the battery at approximately 60% remaining capacity (3 LEDs on the back of the battery)
Extreme ColdWhen operating in extreme cold, battery performance will be degredated.