Unified by their creativity, and the use of Paul C. Buff, Inc. equipment, the ‘Buff Ambassadors’ provide inspiration and educational resources to photographers worldwide.


Daniela Ursache professional newborn photographer,

Hi, I am Daniela Ursache, a professional newborn photographer, and mentor with a dedicated newborn photography studio located in Bucharest, Romania. Photography is my full-time profession, and capturing babies in their first few weeks of life is my absolute passion. Even though I specialize in newborn photography, I also take baby and fine art children portraits.

I fell in love with newborn photography in 2013, when I had my baby boy. Since then, I have spent a lot of time specializing and perfecting myself.

I love natural and simple portraits, soft and neutral colours, allowing babies to be the focus of every image.I love travel, coffee, vegetarian food, babies, beautiful people, and spending time with my son. He is my greatest joy and inspiration. (you can take this part out if it's not ok)

Most of the truly valuable stuff I know, I taught myself through constant research and practice. That’s why I believe hard work, determination, and the desire to keep learning and grow are the key elements of a successful and happy career.

Mentoring has also been a big passion of mine. Over the past seven years, I have mentored over 200 photographers from Romania, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, India, France, and the U.S.

I have done lots of small group workshops and mentoring sessions, and I’ve recently started to be a speaker at important events in the photography industry.

My passion and work have been rewarded over the years. The most beautiful surprise was the ‘Newborn Photographer of the Year 2018’ award offered by those from AFNS AWARDS.

I am a member of the NPC jury – Newborn Photographer Community and have the opportunity to vow images of photographers from around the world.

I have worked with natural light for many years, but because it is inconsistent and I could only use it in the morning, I had to use a flash. The real challenge was to find a flash with a very soft light,

that would help me to recreate the natural light. After trying several brands, I came up with the Einstein flash. It is ideal for my style and photography of the newborn."



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