51" PLM Zwart Outer Cover

Paul C. Buff 51" PLM Zwart Outer Cover

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Leverbaar in 51", 64 "en 86" voor de bijbehorende PLM paraplu's voor gebruik met zowel de Soft Zilver PLM als de witte PLM paraplu's.

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  • Verfügbar für weiße PLM Schirme mit 51", 64” und 86”
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  • 1x Paul C. Buff PLM Black Outer Cover 51"
  • 1 Jahr garantie



The Black Outer Cover Fabric is available in 64”, and 86” for the corresponding size White PLM™ umbrellas. When used with the White PLM™, it eliminates unwanted back spill light, further maximizing the output in bounce mode. The black fabric fits over the back arc of the open umbrella.

The fabric has silver spoke tip ends (to fit over the 16 spoke tips on the umbrella) and has a small center hole opening for the umbrella pole tip. Please note this fabric DOES NOT work with the SILVER PLM versions. *Not compatible with our retired speedring-mounted style PLM umbrellas.