CyberSync AC Powered Receiver

Paul C. Buff CyberSync AC Powered Receiver

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De CyberSync AC Powered Receiver biedt een eenvoudig en betrouwbaar draadloos triggersysteem en is compatibel met zowel de AlienBees als de White Lightning flitsers.

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  • Artikelcode: CSR

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  • In-line AC-gevoede ontvanger (batterijen zijn nooit nodig)
  • Compatibel met AlienBees ™ en White Lightning™ flitsers
  • Biedt draadloos flitsen van flitsers bij gebruik met de CyberSync™ trigger-zender (CST2) of beëindigde CST
  • NIET voor gebruik met de DigiBee of Einstein ™ flitsers



  • (1) ⅛” to ⅛” sync cord
  • (1) ⅛” to ¼” sync cord
  • (1 )⅛” to PC sync cord
  • CyberSync™ AC Powered Producthandleiding
  • 2 jaar fabrieksgarantie



The CyberSync™ AC Powered Receiver provides a simple and reliable wireless triggering system when utilized with the CyberSync™ Trigger Transmitter 2 (CST2), the discontinued CST, and is compatible with both the AlienBees™ and White Lightning™ flash units. The AC powered version uses a pass-through power cord to run in-line with the existing power cord that runs to your flash unit. There are no extra power cords needed and you never have to worry about changing batteries!

*For a lighting setup using multiple flashes, you will need at least one receiver. All Paul C. Buff flash units have a built-in light sensitive optical slave eye. When one receiver is connected to one flash, the others will “see” that flash begin to fire and fire in sync. Slave eyes are most reliable in controlled studio environments. If you will be working outdoors, or around other photographers, it is recommended that you have a receiver on each flash unit. This ensures that all flashes are firing via a radio frequency and you do not need to rely on the slave eye or any interference from others shooting in your vicinity.


  • Artikelcode CSR
  • Dimensions 2.25 in. (width) x 4 in. (height) x 1 in.(depth) (plus 10 in. cord)
  • System Frequency Range 16 frequencies spaced 2MHz apart (from 2.427GHz to 2.457GHz)
  • System Encoding Secure 256-bit binary encoded packet, with validity verificationSecure 256-bit binary encoded packet, with validity verification
  • System Latency 1/4000 typical delay from closing of camera contact to receiver sync output signal
  • Sync Voltage Up to 300 Vdc from a connected flash unit