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PLM™ - Parabolic Umbrella | Setup and Tips

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  • By Paul C. Buff Inc.

In this video we will show you our PLM™ umbrellas, walk you through setting up your umbrella with the various optional fabrics, and provide you with some useful tips! #studiolighting #photographiclighting #parabolicumbrella

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13' Heavy Duty Combination Boom Stand

13' Heavy Duty Combination Boom Stand

The 13' Heavy Duty Combination Boom Stand offers versatility with its solid and durable design. The boom arm is housed within the main tube to function as a standard light stand. Once removed from the main tube, the convertible design allows for quick and easy extension for use as a boom arm. Suitable for holding all Paul C. Buff flash units with small to medium sized accessories, such as the PLM umbrella system, softboxes and octaboxes, beauty dishes, and beyond!