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    • Flash Unit

      Flash Unit

      With our Paul C Buff studio lighting series, you not only professionally illuminate portraits. Our products were developed in cooperation with experienced photographers to meet the highest demands. That is why our flash systems are used all over the world

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    • Remotes


      Trigger Transmitter mounts onto your camera's hot shoe to provide wireless firing. When your camera shutter is pressed, the Transmitter will simultaneously send the firing signal to all of the flash units in your setup that are fitted with receivers or tr

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    • Light Stands

      Light Stands

      So that you can equip your studio optimally, we offer you a variety of tripods for studio flashes

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    • Portable Power

      Portable Power

      Step outside the studio. Our portable power allows you to take your lighting on location without limiting your creativity.

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    • Light modifiers

      Light modifiers

      Studio lighting only becomes really interesting with the right light shaper | Each light shaper brings its own kind of light

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    • Replacement Parts

      Replacement Parts

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    • Studio Accessories

      Studio Accessories

      What can a flash or a light do without the right light shaper? With our softboxes, beauty dishes and other light shapers, you can control exactly how your subject is illuminated. Everything between hard direct light and diffuse, indirect brightness is pos

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