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    Paul C Buff LINK Battery Charger

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    € 89,95

    Battery charger for the LINK800WS flash unit.

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    Product description

    • Consecutively charge up to (2) LINK batteries at a time
    • Indicator lights: No Battery (light is off) | Waiting to Charge (light is red) | Charging (light is flashing green) | Fully Charged (light is solid green)
    • ONLY for use with the LINK800WS battery


    • 1x Charger
    • 1x  3' AC power cord (standard North American 3 prong plug)
    • 1-Year Factory Warranty
     LINK Battery Charger
    Charge to FullCharges a single LINK battery from fully depleted to full in 1.5 hours
    Number of Batteries ChargedCan accept 2 batteries, will charge 2nd battery once the first is fully charged.
    VoltageAccepts worldwide AC voltages