Aim-Through Reflector for Moon Units

Paul C. Buff Aim-Through Reflector for Moon Units

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Aim-through reflector / diffuser holder for 30” and retired 56” Moon Unit.

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Product description

  • Aim-through reflector / diffuser holder
  • Arrives with the 30” Moon Unit™
  • For use with 30” Moon Unit™ and retired 56” Moon Unit™



  • 1x Aim-Through Reflector for Moon Units™


Placed inside the center of the AlienBees™ Ringflash chamber and locked into position, the umbrella adapter uses the same twist-and-lock method that is used to attach the diffuser. The adapter allows umbrellas to be attached to the AlienBees™ Ringflash unit when using it as a conventional flash in non-aim-through mode. An umbrella pole slides through the adapter and is tightened into place with the adjustment knob.