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    Paul C. Buff LiteMod Snoot

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    The snoot is used to control the spread of light. Use it to create a soft edged, irregular pool of light on the background, with a bright centre and concentric radiating circles.

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    Product description

    • Narrows light into a small spot beam
    • Projects a tight and focused 20° beam spread
    • Reduces light output by 3.5 f-stops



    • 1x Paul C Buff LiteMod Snoot
    • 1X Snoot with built in 20° grid



    The Snoot, part of the LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe System, is a long and narrow piece of equipment that creates a tight and focused beam of light. Directly illuminating a small surface, the Snoot is useful for product photography or hair lighting when photographing portraits. 
    Requires the LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe for use.