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  • 7” Standard Reflector

    Paul C. Buff 7” Standard Reflector

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    The reflector fits around the flashtube and modeling lamp on the front faceplate of all standard Paul C. Buff flash units.

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    • Article code: 7AB/R

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    Product description

    • General use silver field reflector
    • Matte silver with a smooth finish
    • Umbrella hole (supports up to 9.5mm shafts)
    • Recessed outer lip with rolled edge for use with compatible modifiers



    • 1x Paul C Buff Standard Reflector 7-inch



    The 7” Standard Reflector can be used alone as a single light source for a bright and directed throw, or when used at a distance achieve even coverage of large groups and areas with the wide beam spread. It can be used in conjunction with many other Buff lighting modifiers such as our barn doors, 7” honeycomb grids, and gels. The reflector’s even illumination makes it optimal for use with standard umbrellas to eliminate central hot spots.



    • Article code 7AB/R
    • Reflector 7AB/R
    • Dimensions 7 in. (diameter) x 3.5 in. (depth)
    • Beam Spread 80°
    • Coverage Calculation 1.68 x distance of flash from subject = diameter of coverage on subject